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Mom.  Wife.  Believer.  I am a photographer who searches for beauty in the ordinary and loves making memories that help remember the little things - the mundane, the beauty of life, and the everyday.  My earliest childhood memories are of an old dark blue farm house with a barn in the back.  Maybe these first memories are what spark my love for nature and raising my kids in an area where they can explore.  During the summers we would race up the long dusty driveway on our bikes.  I remember running over a snake that made my feet spin the peddles even faster.  Small details like the our old screen door that led to a concrete slab, floral wallpaper, and our dog having puppies are all vivid memories.  As I detail life with my camera I look for the these moments to cherish and hold onto.  I seek to capture reality in a glorious and creative way, to see the environment where we live and play.  I want to see life, real life.  This is why I document family stories.  My story.  Your story.  

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               I mage by the lady reading her book on the beach

              Image by the lady reading her book on the beach